Materials and accents aside – how would I pick the right drapery pole?

Materials and accents aside, how would I pick the right drapery pole? The greatest impacts on your choice ought to be the style of curtains you’ve chosen and additionally the measure of space accessible around your window. On the off chance that the highest point of your window is near the roof, you might need […]

How to Select Curtain Rods

One of the important issues is the curtain rod selection. With regards to window treatment, the greater part of the general population tend to give relative significance to the outfitting of the window, which are the shades. The shading, the style, the prints, the surfaces, and so forth are screened in subtle elements before the last […]

How the Shade of Your Room Influences Your Life

Blue; On the off chance that your boudoir is water or purplish blue, you likely get a great deal of close attention — and you’re a cheerier individual for it. Individuals with blue rooms got more rest than whatever other shading, checking in at seven hours and 52 minutes for each night. It’s not simply […]

6 Mistakes You’re Making When Hanging Curtains

1. NOT MEASURING CORRECTLY The principal thing you ought to do is measure your windows and make conformities relying upon how you need to hang the window medicines. It will spare you another outing to the store if your shades and bars are the correct size. 2. HANGING CURTAINS TOO LOW Hang drapery bars and […]