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In our past houses I have spent a little fortune on window medicines. When it went to our home, we used to maintain the “How about we Do This Right” attitude. As in, in the event that we purchased “legitimate” window ornament bars (and great quality furniture et cetera), we were Mature Adults making savvy buys that would last.

Hardee har. Transforms out Mature Adults don’t venture into the red outfitting a house, they really manage without or figure out how to have decent things without burning through cash they don’t have. *lightbulb goes off. Fast forward to this house, where I subscribe more to the High-Low idea. A few things merit putting resources into, yet blind bars? That is a truly un-fun approach to spend my little beautifying dollars.

Heading off to the next extraordinary, a year ago I hung Ikea window ornament boards in our main room on ridiculously shabby, bars I purchased at Big Lots. It didn’t go so well:













Yes, the rings are an alternate shading than the pole, yet more critically, each of the three unstable bars twisted inside a month or two. So irritating!

A while back I made a long pole for my lounge room out of pvc pipe and love it. I like that it has no crease like a standard augmentation pole, I like the general look, and I adore the.

PVC makes incredible shade poles, yet the main issue is that it is plastic and tends to droop in the center without a bolster section. This time I utilized wood dowel bars.

A 1/2″, 48″ long dowel bar (found in the wood trim area of Lowes or HD, or at art stores) is under $2 each. Spraypainted – BANG – moment shade bar. Presently you simply need to make sense of what you need to use as a finial for the end, so your shades don’t slide off.

+You can purchase finials to paint. They accompany screws to append to the dowel.

+Cabinet handles, spraypainted to coordinate your dowel, can be stuck on.

+Modeling mud can be molded into balls, or whatever shape you crave, painted to coordinate the pole, and stuck on.

+Large dabs, pretty stones, vase-filling marbles – all could be utilized with a little dowel pole.

I was thinking about a touch of bling for my new naval force dividers, similar to great gold stud hoops with a lovely naval force dress:

The ping pong balls, a huge number of which litter my storm cellar at the present time, are shabby and light-weight.

*caution*caution*caution* If you utilize ping pong balls as finials, be extremely watchful with this next stride. I would be so pitiful to realize that something you read about on this blog and attempted brought about you hurt.

To bore an opening in the ball, I set it on a non-slip surface (elastic jug top gripper on a cutting board) and deliberately utilized a bit to jab a gap in it (the ball is tricky so I gradually squeezed the bit into the plastic and after that connected weight). At that point I utilized an expansive boring apparatus (about the extent of my dowel), embedded in the pilot opening, to gradually bore a gap. Try not to go quick or the boring tool will slip and conceivably have a keep running in with your hand.







I utilize rings with clasps to hang my window ornaments. I know decorators don’t love them however the uncovered clasp doesn’t trouble me and they make redoing the length of your draperies SO natural. I hung the rings on the dowel bar, put the bar on the drape bar sections, and after that utilized Gorilla Glue, keep running along the edge of the opening in the ball, to connect the balls to the dowel, holding every one set up for a couple of minutes until followed.

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