Saloon Curtain Model-5

Add striking style to your home and shut out undesirable light with this velvet drapery board. This power outage drapery board’s floor-length measure gives it a conventional and downplayed appearance. The rich velvet material pieces out light so you can work or rest in peace and saves money on service charges by giving extra protection.

This 100-percent polyester velvet window board looks best when combined with an embellishing shade bar or suitable connection. Since there’s a three-inch shaft stash sewn into the header, you can without much of a stretch utilize a completed bit of wood or expansive custom bar. The grayish tone runs well with anything from nonpartisan shaded dividers to dynamic floor coverings. The clearing tastefulness of these full-length board draperies turn into an unobtrusive complement for any room in a home as a sleek casing over tall windows or a sliding glass entryway. Another alternative is to utilize them as a planner’s gadget and place the combine over a little window, making the dream that the window is greater than its genuine size.

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