How to Install a Shower Window

Introducing a shower window is an efficient method for giving regular lighting and ventilation inside a shower. Albeit a few property holders disapprove of having a window in the shower, there are points of interest to introducing them. While rebuilding a shower, it is a smart thought to accommodate a window that will permit the daylight infiltrate and permit air to circle.

Among the most concerning issues in a shower is that the dampness can make form develop anyplace. Introducing a shower window is simple when there is a window outline officially worked inside the shower. At the point when the shower does not have a window outline, then the mortgage holder ought to accommodate one. Perused on for more data.

Step 1 – Determine Where to Install the Window

Shower windows ought to be introduced close to the roof. In the event that there is no opening made, have a bricklayer or an expert cut the opening before introducing the windows. Arrange the span of the window. Pick a window outline that will coordinate the inside stylistic theme of the shower. Before arranging the measurements of the window opening, decide the extent of the window.

Step 2 – Building the Frame

Fabricate a window outline from 2×4-inch blunder. Decide the tallness and width of the window opening first and exchange them to the wooden pieces. Stamp the length of the wooden sheets utilizing a pencil and square. To make the window outline, slice 2 bits of wood to equivalent lengths.

Decide the length of the header and ledge, then cut them likewise. After the bits of wood are readied, utilize a miter saw to compromise. Ensure that the pieces fit appropriately. Nail the wooden sheets to make the casing.

Step 3 – Installing the Frame

Fit the edge into the opening and penetrate gaps for the mounting equipment. Secure the edge to the opening by fixing the screws. At that point caulk the sides of the casing for fixing. Guarantee that every one of the sides of the edge are fixed legitimately before introducing the window.

Step 4 – Mounting the Window

Embed the new shower window into the edge. Position it utilizing a level. At the point when the window is in position, bore the screws to the window outline. Caulk the sides of the windows to the edge to guarantee that it is firmly fixed. On the off chance that the window set accompanies a trim, introduce the trim too. On the off chance that the window slides open, watch that the slide system works fine.

Step 5 – Paint

Prep the window for painting by sanding the edge, ledge, the trim. Prime and paint with any shading coveted. Permit the paint to dry.


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